January 6, 2020

Hello again! It's officially a new decade. Wild. 

One thing I really leveled up in this past decade was my reading, especially in 2019.  This is now my FOURTH annual book review post! I don't write a lot of blog entries but this is one I look forward to doing every year...

February 13, 2019

What does it mean to live a values-driven life? How can we tell if we are or aren’t? 

Do me a favor. Take a moment. Ask yourself a few simple (but admittedly difficult) questions and answer them honestly.

1) What are my priorities right now? Where have I been putting my...

January 22, 2019

Hi everyone. I’m back with my book review for the year! I read a whole lot of books this year so I am making my thoughts brief. Enjoy!

The Body Is Not An Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love

by Sonya Renee Taylor

I read this book basically in one sitting. It’s short an...

January 3, 2018

Hi friends! I'm back with some more reading recs. I know I said I would do this every summer, but let's be realistic here. When the sun is out, I'd rather be playing outside than inside writing a blog post if I have the choice. But, I did do a ton of reading this year!...

June 11, 2017

“13 Reasons Why” is a show for adults, and not because it’s inappropriate for teens. Hear me out.

I realize this post is a few months late, so I’m sure by now, you know all about “13 Reasons Why.” Even if you haven’t watched it yourself, perhaps you’ve heard all of the...

March 15, 2017

We often misunderstand caring for others as something that is inherently selfless and limitless. Many clients of mine have found themselves heavily burdened by this belief: that they have a powerful obligation to give their all to the people they care about, even if it...

November 26, 2016

How do we define grief?

Many of us reduce our understanding of grief to something simple: how we feel after the death of a loved one. While this experience is likely one of the most profound and intense experiences of grief that one can have, it isn’t the only kind. Gri...

September 4, 2016

Hi friends, 

       I made a promise to myself that I would read more this summer. If I’m going to be relaxing in my sunny yard on a day off, I'd hope I'd be reading, you know? It’s hard for me to really get into books unless I am captivated by them pretty quickly, and...

March 31, 2016

One of the most resounding takeaways from my graduate education experience was one very simple idea. A professor once told me about the profound impact of employing the word “and” in place of “but” when talking with clients (and when in self-reflection). At first, I wa...

February 9, 2016

 We all have a tendency to be hard on ourselves sometimes. In times of struggle, there’s often a part of us that tries to explain to us that we’re having a hard time because we aren’t good enough, something is wrong with us, we can’t do it right, or we aren’t worthy of...

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