Counseling for Teens

The majority of my professional experience in clinics, residential treatment centers, and rehabilitation centers has been with teens and their families. I currently work one-on-one with teens in my practice. Young people are in an exceptional and important stage of their development, as they are just beginning to gain skills in independently navigating their lives as they transition to adulthood. Therefore, I use the same therapeutic approach I would with adults, while mindfully incorporating my knowledge of brain development in teens, as well the particularly heightened influence of family, social, and school dynamics.


In my work with teens, I honor their confidentiality fully and only include family or caregivers if there is a safety concern or a reason that there would be a therapeutic benefit. In these cases, I discuss this with my teen client beforehand and never go behind their back to talk with a family member except in rare cases.


I support teens in building a healthy values system and sense of self that can guide them through the difficult life transitions and inevitable challenges they face in this time, and will continue to encounter throughout their adolescence and young adult lives. Counseling with teens is unique, delicate, and extremely rewarding, as their growth and change seems to be accelerated and magnified in this stage of life.



Most commonly, I work with teens around issues including:


• anxiety/depression/mood
• social and romantic relationships
• family concerns
• academic difficulties
• self-esteem
• body image and physical health
• drug and alcohol issues
• decision-making and behavior changes
• gender and sexuality

• identity development

• dealing with social media



My standard fee for a 60 minute session is $145.


A note on session rates: I set my prices based on business and living expenses, my level of training and experience, and an ability to offer extra-discounted or pro-bono services to those who need it. When you pay my full rate for a session, you are not only supporting my small business, but you are also helping someone else receive services who otherwise would not be able to get them.

I do not currently bill insurance companies directly. I can provide documentation that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement for out-of-network services. I accept cash, check, major credit cards, and HSA/FSA cards.


I do not want money to be a barrier to getting the support you need and want. I offer a limited number of discounted fees to clients who are experiencing financial difficulty, and are dedicated to the counseling process and interested in ongoing work together. If this sounds like you, please inquire. (*Please note, I currently have a waiting list for discounted and pro-bono appointments.)