what I can help with

My therapeutic work with clients often focuses on anxiety, trauma, and grief and loss. Why? Because basically everyone deals with a combination of these. Do you relate?


Beyond these core challenges, I work with people around all kinds of issues - everyone has their unique story and life experience. This may include major life transitions, feelings of depression, various challenges in relationships, experiencing shame and self-doubt, trouble with body image or sexuality, self and identity work, spiritual growth and exploration, or really anything else. If something is out of my scope of practice, I will tell you right away.

who I work with

teens: the majority of my professional work before I started my private practice was with teens and their families in clinics and residential treatment settings. I am passionate about working with youth and feel uniquely attuned to the challenges they face at this stage in life. 

members of the queer/LGBTQ+ community: I know how important it is for members of the queer community to find a therapist who is truly informed and 100% affirming of their identity and experience. Being queer myself, I love working with LGBTQ+ clients and connect deeply with their life experience and healing journey. I understand that queerness can mean different things for different people and what matters most is that my clients are fully seen and supported in discovering and embodying their truth.

trans and non-binary folx: Beyond the typical counseling relationship I would have with any client, I also enjoy supporting trans and non-binary clients in their path of gender liberation - whatever this looks like. I am trained through Brave Space to write letters on behalf of trans clients for any medical interventions they might need. I am gender-affirming and work hard to stay informed about the needs and struggles of the trans and non-binary community. I have had (and continue to be on) my own personal gender journey. 

highly sensitive people: The common trait of “sensitivity” is so misunderstood in our culture. Being highly sensitive can mean many different things - including, for example, being overwhelmed by certain kinds of sensory input (lights, loud noises, etc.), being extra attuned and empathetic to the feelings and moods of others, feeling more exhausted by over-stimulating situations - good or bad, having exceptionally deep appreciation for music/food/art/anything, and having a complex inner life. Many highly sensitive people were likely shamed from a very young age for their sensitivity, shyness, or specific needs, and never got a chance to fully understand or appreciate this quality in themselves. Being highly sensitive is a gift. I love supporting people in discovering the gifts of being an HSP and learning how they can care for themselves and channel those qualities in ways that feel empowering and meaningful for them.

women who are at a crossroads: I am invigorated and inspired by working with women and femmes who are facing opportunities to make empowered decisions for themselves, whether it is about a career move, the decision to have or not have children, ending or starting a relationship, exploring their sexuality or gender, clarifying parenting values, or making any major change in their lives. The social construct of womanhood and femininity can create a lot of pressure and anxiety. I am passionate about supporting women in challenging those expectations and discovering their own truth and meaning. 

Unsure if you align with any of these descriptions? That's okay! If you still think I might be the therapist you'd like to work with, reach out!

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