individual therapy

Individual therapy with me is not a structured, predictable process. It will be unique to you and your needs. 

In our first meeting, I will be curious about what brings you in, what your hopes are, and how we might work together to create the experience you would benefit from the most. We will spend the next few sessions getting to know each other better, exploring your history, and learning more about what you want to work on. We don't need to decide ahead of time how long we will work together. I encourage you to allow the experience to unfold as it needs to. You are in complete control of how long we continue counseling together.

I prioritize trust in our relationship more than anything else, so my office can feel like a truly safe space for you. Counseling is only helpful when it is approached with radical honesty, a willingness to be vulnerable, and a genuine curiosity about ourselves. My primary goal is to create the conditions for your exploration, be a witness to your experience, and to act as a compassionate, non-judgmental source of support who will notice what you might not see, offer insight based on my understanding of the human condition, challenge you when necessary, and who believes in your wisdom and potential even when you don’t.


I generally expect that my clients arrive at our sessions with intention. I can help guide the process, but I can't choose your work for you all on my own. 

My work focuses on attachment. Our earliest significant relationships have a deep impact on how we see ourselves and relate to others as we get older. It can be incredibly helpful to revisit these childhood/adolescent relationships to better understand our current patterns and beliefs, and to begin to shift what isn’t feeling right. 

I am an emotion-focused therapist. I believe our emotions carry a tremendous amount of wisdom about what matters most to us. I will challenge you to tune into your feelings and listen closely. We can’t eliminate painful feelings from our lives, but we relieve some unnecessary suffering by changing the way we relate to them. 

Change does not come without discomfort. The therapy process can be uncomfortable and even distressing sometimes. That’s because we will be digging deep into buried wounds that are likely impacting you in ways you aren’t aware of, or if you are aware of it, you are facing them head on in my office and then ideally, out in the world. You won’t always leave a singular session feeling better than when you left. But, if we are both committed to showing up for the work both in and out of sessions, you will notice that you are growing and changing with time.

Healing takes time. Often the challenges that bring people to counseling evolved over an extended period of time and cannot be relieved quickly. I encourage patience in the counseling process.


My standard fee for a 60 minute session is $145.


A note on session rates: I set my prices based on business and living expenses, my level of training and experience, and an ability to offer extra-discounted or pro-bono services to those who need it. When you pay my full rate for a session, you are not only supporting my small business, but you are also helping someone else receive services who otherwise may not be able to access them. 

I do not currently bill insurance companies directly. I can provide documentation that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement for out-of-network services. I accept cash, check, all major credit cards, and HSA/FSA cards.


I do not want money to be a barrier to getting the support you need and want. I offer a limited number of discounted fee slots to clients who are experiencing financial difficulty, and are dedicated to the counseling process and interested in ongoing, consistent work together. If this sounds like you, please inquire. (*Please note: I currently have a waiting list for discounted and pro-bono appointments.)